Thousands of Medically Unfit Truckers Allowed Behind Wheel

The Government Accountability Office recently put out a study that the amount of commercial vehicle operators that are medically unfit is more than 500,000, and these drivers should not be behind the wheel of a semi truck or 18-wheeler. As we all know, South Florida’s busy roads have as many trucks on them as anywhere else, and this can put us and our families in danger with these drivers on the road.

Damage done by a collision between a large commercial vehicle and a smaller passenger car can be catastrophic, causing death, catastrophic head or body injuries and a multitude of other problems. There are many older drivers operating commercial vehicles whose health deteriorates rapidly after the last renewal of their commercial license. One would be shocked at the number of people carrying such a license, but who no longer have the required minimum eyesight. However, this unfortunate fact is usually learned after the accident or disaster has already ruined or taken lives.

For more information about medically unfit truck drivers and the study released by the GAO, please click here. You can also visit the news section of our website at for additional details.

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