Monthly Archives: November 2008

Pine Crest School Swim Coach Allegations

In the news recently there have been several tragic stories about student violence in South Florida schools.  What often gets overlooked is the damage that poor staffing at these schools brings on children.  Another example came to light on today … Continue reading

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Balkan & Patterson Taking on Securities Fraud, Investment Fraud Cases

The Boca Raton-based personal injury law firm of Balkan & Patterson LLP is pleased to annouce that we will be accepting new cases in securities and investment fraud. A form of consumer fraud, there are a number of these cases … Continue reading

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Faulty Tire Stems Can Cause Flat Tires, Blowouts, Auto Accidents

As many as 30 million potentially faulty tire valves have been installed on cars and vehicles throughout the country. These valves were manufactured in China and have a tendency to crack and split, which can result in a tire blowout. … Continue reading

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