Balkan & Patterson Taking on Securities Fraud, Investment Fraud Cases

The Boca Raton-based personal injury law firm of Balkan & Patterson LLP is pleased to annouce that we will be accepting new cases in securities and investment fraud. A form of consumer fraud, there are a number of these cases in light of the recent financial crisis and the $700 billion bailout plan.

There are laws to protect investors and securities traders, and when those laws are broken, you have legal recourse. Perpetrators of securities fraud may include: financial advisors or analysts, stockbrokers, investment banks, brokerage firms, corporations and private individuals who promote or sell investments. The crime can range from a stockbroker recommending a stock that he knows is not a smart buy, but on which he receives a ‘kickback’ for selling, to a private investor acting on inside information and buying large quantities of stock in a certain company because of a pending lucrative merger. Insider trading, accounting fraud, and companies who misrepresent their information are common. Investment and brokerage houses offer misleading or just plain false information to investors.

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