Faulty Tire Stems Can Cause Flat Tires, Blowouts, Auto Accidents

As many as 30 million potentially faulty tire valves have been installed on cars and vehicles throughout the country. These valves were manufactured in China and have a tendency to crack and split, which can result in a tire blowout. Several American tire makers and car and auto companies have used these valves. The “ingredients” in the manufacture of the tire valves were not correct, and it causes the product to wear out at a faster rate. The tire valves are being investigated by the government, although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s records show that millions of the faulty valves were installed on cars and truck in the U.S. between Sept. 2006 and June 2007.

Here are a few tips to determine whether the valves on your tires are safe:

1. Spray a mixture of soap and water on the tire valve. If air is seeping out, bubbles will form.

2. Monitor your tire pressure. If your tires are consistently low on fair, it could be a faulty tire valve.

3. Have a mechanic or auto professional check your valves to see if they are in good condition.

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