National Safety Council Takes on Cell Phones

It’s already a law in a number of states, but the National Safety Council wants to create a nationwide ban on the use of mobile phones while driving. It’s no secret that talking, or even worse – texting – while driving is extremely dangerous and greatly increases the likelihood of an auto, motor vehicle or truck accident. When a driver is talking or texting, they cannot devote their full attention to the road and other drivers around them.

States like New York, New Jersey and California require that drivers use a “hands-free” set up when talking on their cell and driving. Other states have outlawed texting while driving, including Louisiana and Minnesota. With the heavy traffic and sheer number of drivers in Florida, the chances of an accident are already high, and using a cell phone while driving only increases that risk.

To view the whole story, please click here. For more information on safe driving tips, please visit our website at Our attorneys encourage you to use safe driving techniques while behind the wheel. For a complete list of states that have laws against cell phone use while driving, please visit the Governor’s Highway Safety Association’s website here.

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