South Florida Homeowners Affected by Defective Chinese Drywall; WCI Communities Has Set Aside $11M for Homes

A number of homeowners in South Florida could be affected by defective drywall used by WCI Communities, a builder in Florida. While WCI Communities filed for bankruptcy in the summer of 2008, they have reserved $11 million for homes with air conditioning coil replacements and other damages.

The drywall corrodes air conditioning units and other metal materials in homes and can cause health problems as the drywall releases sulfur gases. Located in South Florida, many of the homes affected are newer, and there is no easy way to replace the defective drywall. The extent of the drywall may be far reaching as more than 550 million pounds of Chinese drywall was imported into the U.S. between 2004 and 2006.

The defective drywall causes health issues such as respiratory problems, including coughing, nose bleeds, sinus irritation and more. Damage to homes includes corrosion and damage to electrical systems and air conditioning, among other problems. For more information about the defective drywall and WCI Communities, please click here. Lennar Homes, another building company, also used the defective drywall in the construction of homes.

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