Texting While Driving – Another Example of how Dangerous it is

Texting while driving made headlines yet again this week as a bus driver in Texas was caught on tape, texting for almost six minutes before crashing into stopped traffic.View the video here, courtesy of The Today Show on NBC. Not only was the driver texting, but he failed to look up from his phone for quite some time. There were no serious injuries in the accident, and he got very lucky in that regard.

Not driving while using your either phone, either to talk, text or email, is a very simple step you can take to keeping yourself, your family and other drivers on the road safe. It is astounding the number of drivers who text while driving, taking their hands and eyes off the wheel while speeding down the road at 60 miles an hour. The personal injury and auto accident attorneys of Balkan & Patterson encourage you to be safe while driving, and please wait until you arrive at your destination to text.

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