Boca Raton Law Firm Representing Clients in National Class Action Against MEGA Brands

The law firm of Balkan & Patterson is representing parents and families in a new class action case involving more than 10 million toys recalled by MEGA Brands. The toys contain small parts and magnets that detach from the toys. Young children can swallow these parts, and while small, these tiny magnets can cause serious internal injuries or death if a magnet or a magnet and a metallic object attract each other while inside the child’s body.

The recalled toys are:

  • Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets (“Magnetix”)
  • MagnaMan Magnetix
  • Toy Figures (“MagnaMan Toys”)
  • Magtastik, and Magnetix Jr. Pre-school
  • Magnetic Toys (the “Recalled Magnetic Toys”)

If you believe you may have a potential case relating to these toy recalls, please contact us online at or call (561) 750-9191.

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