Seatbelt Negligence Still a Big Factor in Today’s Auto Accidents

On Saturday, November 7th, a 15-year-old Palm Beach County boy died in a car crash.  The Sheriff’s investigators reported that the boy was not wearing a seat belt and was driving with a learners permit when the crash occurred at about 12:15 a.m.  The 16-year-old passenger in the vehicle was wearing a seatbelt, and sustained only minor injuries.

Seatbelt safety is of the utmost of importance.  Why are teens today still not understanding the vitality of seatbelt related deaths?  We believe strongly in educating our young people today, and showing them the importance and responsibility of driving a car.  You get in the car and you buckle up. Plain and simple.

The personal injury and auto accident law firm of Balkan & Patterson stresses the importance of proper young driver education in order to protect our young teens and our communities from other tragedies like this. For more information about Balkan & Patterson or to find resources for safe driving practices, please visit our website at

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