Drop Side Crib results in Several Infant Deaths

By: Allison Lane

This week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled Generation 2 Worldwide and “ChildESIGNS” Drop Side Cribs.  The warnings reveal that these drop side cribs put infants and toddlers at risk of serious injury or death due to strangulation and suffocation. 

The CPSC advises that parents and caregivers should not try to fix the cribs themselves.  They encourage parents to stop using the cribs immediately and find an alternative safe sleeping environment.

These cribs have plastic hardware that can break, causing the drop side to detach from the corner of the crib.  When the side detaches, infants can fall between the mattress and the drop side, and either fall to the floor, or become stuck and suffocate.  Injuries may be minor cuts and bruises, but they may also be as serious as broken bones or death.  Three children have died from suffocating between the mattress and the drop side. 

Depending on the retailer, consumers should immediately contact the store where the crib was purchased, and either request a refund, replacement or store credit.  These recalled cribs were sold at a number of stores, including, Buy Buy Baby, Kmart and Walmart.  If consumers have any other problems with these cribs, they are encouraged to immediately report the difficulties to the CPSC.


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