Baby Slings Result in 3 deaths

By: Allison Lane

The consumer product safety commission has pulled over one million over the shoulder baby/child slings off of the market in North America.  Two Infantino carriers in particular, SlingRider and Wedny Bellissimo, are being pulled off the market completely as a threat of being deadly to children 4 months or younger.

To date, there are three infant deaths confirmed as a result of strangulation from these baby slings.  The risk with these particular products are not age specific.  Parents and caregivers are being urged to discontinue the use of the Infantino sling in general.  The Infantino sling places the baby very far down into the sling.  If the baby is turned into the mother, the baby’s airway is restricted, or the fabric may cover the baby’s nose or mouth.

Consumers are urged to discontinue use immediately and contact Infantino LLC for a free replacement product.  Infantino released a statement that the SlingRider was a “safe product”.

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