Boca Raton Homecoming Party Gets Out of Hand

A recent homecoming after-party in Boca Raton was abruptly ended when police found hundreds of teens drunk, vomiting or passed out. The soirée of almost 600 South Florida teenagers was broken up early Sunday morning when police received a number of noise complaints.

The parents were home, which raises the question – who is responsible for these 600 underage teens and their alcohol consumption? Clearly, it is illegal for them to be drinking in the first place. Many states have been cracking down and pressing criminal charges against parents who are found to be involved with serving or providing alcohol to minors; in this recent instance in Boca Raton, there were a handful of teens who were so intoxicated that they needed to be taken to the hospital.

Florida has specific laws relating to this situation, as do most states. According to the Sun Sentinel, the parents in this case are being charged with a misdemeanor of having a noisy house party, as opposed to providing the teens with alcohol.

If an accident or serious injury occurred when one of the teens was intoxicated, it could change the consequences quite dramatically. The final outcome of this wild party remains to be seen, but it goes to show that parents must be responsible for their own teenagers and children and for what happens while teens are under their roofs.

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