Important Vehicle Safety

VEHICLE SAFETY TIPS for every driver

We are all guilty of this — taking our automobiles for granted. We depend on them every day, but how much attention do we actually give them? When’s the last time you laid on the ground and looked underneath your car or truck to make sure nothing was loose? Or checked the tread on your tires? These vehicle tips will not only prevent costly repairs and part replacements, but can also prevent dangerous auto accidents. Thank you for reading and here’s to safe driving at all times!

Check tire treads! Use the Penny Test. Here’s the link to how it works. 
Tire pressure is important, too, and ignored all too often. Not having the right amount of pressure in your tires can lead to a flat, a blowout, an accident! Rotate your tires annually, too, so that wear is consistent. All the wear happening in one spot is another cause of tire failure (blowouts).

Check all fluids every 3 months. You could be low on radiator fluid or oil and not know it, causing damage to your vehicle and possibly the need to suddenly pull off the highway. Coolant being too low means overheating, which means you won’t be able to continue driving once the radiator overheats. Never open a hot radiator cap!

Look at your batteries, make sure there is no corrosion or leakage.

How bright are your lights? Headlights can get dull and dirty – your auto repair shop can clean and brighten them for you.

Keep your filters clean and change as needed. Dirty filters can lead to a variety of problems!

A dirty, smeary, or rain-covered windshield impairs your vision and so can be a contributing factor in auto accidents. Change your wiper blades as soon as they no longer do a good job of clearing the windshield!

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